In just 7 days you’ll have the tools to holistically change your life!

What is a Lifestyle Detox…?

Do you ever have days where you feel sluggish, can’t remember why you walked in the room (or up stairs), hungry all the time, reaching for quick snacks/fast food, agitated, anxious, can’t sleep, can’t keep on top of everything or everyone? 

A lifestyle detox looks at all the key areas of our lives. We establish what makes us feel great, what makes us feel lousy and how to deal with it all so that when we do feel a bit muh! we have the tools we need to turn it around.

I have spent YEARS trying to find short cuts and tools to truly feel happy. Trying really hard to not let other peoples views and comments bother me or make me re think the path I am taking. Being tooo open to being easily influenced so not to feel left out or labeled odd. Or the big one…..feeling like a failure to not be able to hold down a job, manage a home and look after the kids! 

If you find yourself still nodding then the 7 Day Lifestyle Detox is for you. 

When is it? How much is it? and how do I join it?

We start on Monday 26th September and finish on Sunday 2nd October, and it is completely FREE.

I use the 3 ingredient recipe I have been using for the last 13 years which encompasses your mind, your body and you lifestyle. I believe you cannot truly have balance unless you have all 3 of these ingredients working in harmony. Its just like making a cake, if you miss an ingredient out it just doesn’t taste or look right.

The 7 Day Lifestyle Detox will be accessed through a private invite only Facebook group where I will go live everyday for 1 hour and provide homework for you ready for the next days step in the process:


  • Day 1 – What is detox and what areas of my life need looking at
  • Day 2 – How do I want to feel?
  • Day 3 – Where do I spend most of my time?
  • Day 4 – My head is always full of “stuff” and I can’t relax
  • Day 5 – I am what my body absorbs…quick healthy snacks/meals
  • Day 6 – We are not trees….we were designed to move
  • Day 7 – How to stick to my new lifestyle 

Are you ready to detox?


Ingredients For A Healthy Life

For only £7/month (approximately $8.50 USD), you can join the Ingredients for a Healthy Life Membership group! 

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