Do you suffer with bloating, fatigue, tummy rumbles, cramps? All these are symptoms of an intolerance (food that your gut finds difficult to digest). We test over 600 food and non food groups, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gut biome, hormone levels and metal toxicity. Testing is done via hair strand samples and can be done in person or via post. It is a very simple process, we have a preliminary chat to discuss your symptoms and areas we can change immediately to relieve discomfort. Once the results are back we have a 30 minute call to explain what it all means and next steps.

Why Hair testing?

Classed under the category of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) the tests are designed using bioresonance hair testing to supply individuals with both smart and efficient sensitivity results on unto 800 items and helps clients to identify dietary and environmental changes using a non-invasive test.

Bioresonance technology has been used in practices globally since 1970’s and has been improving at a significant rate. For the testing that we perform, we require a few strands of hair which is placed in one of the four MARS III analytical machines.

From the sample the equipment generates a report to identify whether or not the client will have any reactions, and therefore whether or not you need to avoid certain items or could be experiencing any imbalances. Test results provide customers with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the potential items which a client may be sensitive to.

Tests include food items, non-food items, nutrition and metals in one comprehensive report.

Easy to take sample

A small hair sample is all that is required from the client.

Test more items

Bioresonance testing allows us to test against a large number of items.

Fast turnaround

 The testing process in our labs is faster than preparing a blood sample for IgG4 or IgE antibody analysis.

Low cost

Due to the speed of testing and the reduced work required to prepare a hair sample for testing we are able to pass on the savings to the client.

Alternative therapy

 Many clients have exhausted other ‘conventional’ testing to discover the causes of symptoms.


What is Bioresonance Hair testing?

Bioresonance therapy is a complimentary medicine using a device that captures and diagnoses electromagnetic signals coming from the body. Developed in the 1970’s by a team of medical doctors and bio-physicists, these devices are in regular use in over 26 different countries.

How do I order a test from you?

Tests can be ordered online through this website using our secure checkout, or via a call or message direct to myself. For the most secure payments, we recommend buying directly with us as we are a verified company with PayPal. They guarantee you against internet fraud and offer a fully traceable payment solution. We include our address, email address and phone number on the PayPal receipt, so you can contact us if you have any concerns. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via out contact page.

How do I send samples to you?

  • When you have collected your hair samples and you are ready to post these to us, please ensure that the following steps are followed;
  • Please ensure that you clearly write your Name; Date Of Birth; and postcode for each sample on the sample bag. Following this step also ensures that we can link your hair samples to your order
  • Please ensure that hair sample bags are sealed 
  • Place the samples in the pre paid envelope provided (if sending via post) 
  • Do not send hair samples in metal foil or other metallic packaging.
  • Please be careful to not include other items in the same bag as your hair sample as this can affect testing

How do I take a hair sample?

  • We only require a few samples for our tests, 3 to 4 strands if the hair is longer than an Inch long.
  • We test any body hair.
  • Ideally, we prefer samples to include the Hair Root, however we understand it can be painful for many people. If cutting the hair, please ensure you cut as close to the root as possible.
  • Hair Dye does not affect our testing.
  • Once the hair strands have been collected, please place the strands into the small self-sealing bag provided, ensuring that the hair remains dry and secure during transit.

How long does it take for the results to come back?

Once the samples have been returned it usually takes around 10 to 14 working days for results to come back.

What happens once I have my results?

You will be contacted to discuss your results and any further steps recommended, the results will be emailed to you so you have them to refer to.

How often should you be tested?

Some people only request tests when they have symptoms, but most people have tests annually as our intolerances can change

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