Fitness means different things to different people, but the majority associate fitness with physical fitness – a state of health and well-being. Getting off the bus a stop earlier, taking the stairs instead of the lift are all great for your general everyday fitness and fantastic habits to start. Whatever your need and style of fitness I have a number of options for you. 

Whether you would like to train with me on a one to one basis (Personal Training), if you would like to train online or join the group sessions overlooking the lake that are provided by Earith Lakes Fitness which is run myself and Personal Trainer Ben Elliott. We will have something that suits you, your lifestyle and your schedule.

Fitness Classes Provided by Earith Lakes Fitness – With Ben & Alex
We are an independent fitness provider with a range of classes and memberships. If you want to improve your fitness and health in a way that fits in with your busy lifestyle then read on.

Over looking the lakes this is the perfect spot for a work out. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that 30 minutes around water can totally change your mood. Our sessions are split between the good old outdoors and the studio with a great choice of sessions for everyone. Our sessions are delivered by long standing personal trainers Ben and Alex. 

About Ben:
Originally from Harlow so I’m an Essex lad (no accent, sorry to disappoint) and moved this way many moons ago.
I was extremely sporty as a child, being active always came naturally & which led me to becoming a personal trainer.


Learn More About Ben ...

My first venture into a gym was football related, wanting to work on my speed and anything I could gain to aid my performance.
Having adhered to a programme I soon felt the benefits both physically and mentally, swaying me to want to pass on the feeling to others.

My passions have developed over the years of training both myself and clients adding to my knowledge both in practice and theory.
To me health & fitness is so much more than just looking good, it can play a crucial role in improving quality of life, longevity, staving off de habilitations and keeping you mentally healthy as well.

I’m passionate about progress and strive for it both with my own performance and that of others.

Kick start your day with our 30 minute High Impact Intensity Training. Bursts of body weight and resistance exercises followed by a short rest period. The best way to burn fat in the shortest amount of time, leaving you clear headed, energised and ready to go.

A combination of body weight, resistance and weights to provide a full body workout. No shouting, just a bunch of friendly people supporting each other. If you want to loose fat, maintain fitness, get healthier or just escape the stress of the day then these sessions are for you. 

4 Weeks to Fit
Have you been out of the game for a while or never dipped a toe in? Then this 4 weeks to fit is for you. A 4 week program to ease you in, correct your technique, and get you started without being thrown in at the deep end. Work you way up to our 1 hour workouts with these 30 minute getting started sessions.

Work out at Home
On-line work outs
£25 per month

Personal Training
£40 per hour

Q. & A.’s
I haven’t exercised for 10+ years is it safe?

If you are new to exercise then our 4 weeks to fit is perfect for you. All classes you go at your own pace, and you will have a consultation prior to starting any program.

Bootcamp! Sounds horrendous, is it only for fit people?

No, Bootcamp is for everyone. Oddly we get this question a lot. Bootcamp is an outdoor group class made up of Fitness and Strength exercises. All programs you work at your own pace. If you feel you want to start slowly then our 4 weeks to fit program is the best place to start. 

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