When we talk about our bodies, we tend to focus more on the physical, what we look like; shape, size, likes, dislikes. We spend hours pounding the streets running, in gyms sweating, lifting weights etc to get the “perfect body”. But what we don’t realise, is those hours are great for our cardiovascular system and our brains but its also down to the food we eat and the lifestyle we lead.

There is a great quote from Jim Rohn:

“Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live”

So, with that said, some people live in flats, some people live in houses, some people decorate with wallpaper, some with just paint, some like bright colours, some still love magnolia (if you are in your 40s you could well be nodding). The fact is that no two houses are the same just like there are no two bodies the same and we don’t all like the same food and sometimes our bodies reject food. If you want to find out how to have a happy body, you are in the right place.

Myth #1 If I don’t eat I will loose weight? afraid not…if you don’t eat your body goes into panic mode and stores fat.

Myth #2 If I go the gym for an hour I can eat what I like? to burn 1 slice of cheese cake you would need to do 1048 burpees! 

So Mind is the first stage, Nutrition Counselling and understanding our Body is the second stage of the process and focuses on feeding a healthy mind and developing a strong body. Its all about balance and moderation. I hate the word DIEt, the first 3 letters alone say it all! You can still eat all the things you love and enjoy but by making balanced and healthy choices. What we eat does more than fuel our bodies, it provides nutrients needed for all our vital organs including the bodies biggest organ – our skin. Have you noticed that when you drink alcohol or have high fat/greasy food you get a break outs on your chin? or if you have too much caffeine and chocolate you can find yourself suffering with a head ache. Do you suffer with stomach cramps and food babies? Its all connected with how and what we fuel our bodies with, as I mentioned earlier there are some foods that our bodies simply cant digest, these are commonly known as intolerances.

Here a few programs that can help you get started on the right path, if you cant find what you are looking for drop me a message and we can  have chat. 

Intolerance Testing
Do you suffer with bloating, fatigue, tummy rumbles, cramps? All these are symptoms of an intolerance (food that your gut finds difficult to digest). We test over 600 food and non food groups, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gut biome, hormone levels and metal toxicity. Testing is done via hair strand samples and can be done in person or via post. It is a very simple process, we have a preliminary chat to discuss your symptoms and areas we can change immediately to relieve discomfort. Once the results are back we have a 30 minute call to explain what it all means and next steps. Click here for full details on Intolerance Testing


Healthy eating has never been so simple. Never run out of ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner with our monthly recipe ebooks. If you are looking for healthy choices, calorie counting, macro management or you are avoiding intolerances like gluten and dairy these books are for you. 15 brand new recipes delivered to your inbox, and fully compatible with the nations favourite health app “my fitness pal”. Click here to find more details on our recipes

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